SOHK for youth

An 8 week course that empowers people with the confidence, skills and resources to enter the job market.

What we offer: 8 career modules

  • Skills audit: mining your story for skills, strengths, and weaknesses to work on

  • Career ABC: attitude + behaviour + commitment

  • Kaizen: learning mindset to grow skills – continuous self-improvement

  • Job search skills: networking, web searching, volunteering

  • Goal setting: comfort zone + SMARTER method

  • 5 Cs of customer service and AIDA sales skills

  • Keys to being a good employee (International Youth Federation training)

  • Interview skills: what employers look for + positive affirmations

Work with us

Consider running an youth course through your work or tell your colleagues about us

We offer 8 week short courses for both unemployed and entry level staff to teach soft skills to those who never got the chance to learn them. This can help productivity, lowers turnover and increases bottom line. We’d love to run one in partnership with your company.

Best of all, we are BEE Level 1 and can offer tax benefits and BEE points
- Course costs approx R3500 p/p.

What is it?

SOHK aims to tackle youth unemployment by reaching hundreds of men and women each year in order to provide them with the specific support that they need to get their first formal job.

SOHK for Youth is an 8 week development programme that builds life and employability skills such as goal-setting, anger and fear management, CV-writing and interview preparation through rugby. This structure comes together with the ultimate aim of enabling participants to find employment and realise their potential.

Why we do it

Unemployed youth in South Africa face a range of barriers to work. They are disconnected socially from job networks and unable to afford transport costs to get to job hubs. Further, the education system has not prioritised the issue of preparing youth for work and applicants often have no experience of work or the soft skills needed for professional success. As a result, businesses experience heavy turnover of staff, and the long term unemployed are cut off from the formal economy forever - between 2008 and 2011, the incidence of long-term unemployment increased from 74,5% to 81,8% for those with no prior work experience


meet Yanga

Yanga moved to Masiphumelele from Eastern Cape and joined his local rugby club.

That’s where he met SOHK. Through 8 career readiness workshops where he demonstrated drive and commitment and by attending each week, Yanga landed his dream job of coaching rugby at a local primary school.

‘I’ve never experienced an interview before, so the chance to practice and improve in SOHK’s workshops are what got me the role I wanted.’