Impact: Learners showing real growth after just six months!

Since February 2019 SoHK have delivered 94 weekly rugby and life skills training sessions to 224 individual learners (122 boys and 102 girls) at 4 low fee government schools in Cape Town.

Our rugby and life skills curriculum is based on the Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) model developed by Don Hellison.

The TPSR philosophy is to develop learners inner resources so that they grow in their ability to self assess, manage their emotions, and make better choices when it comes to education, risky behaviour and their career path.

As part of our participatory approach to monitoring and evaluation we let students tell us how they’ve grown. Here’s how we do it:

TPSR is a internationally acclaimed and researched life skills methodology.

The Journal of Sport for Development just released THIS report of another TPSR program showing signs of success in South Africa. Findings supported

“the potential value of the program in cultivating the development and possible transfer of personal responsibility (e.g., self-direction skills such as goal setting and decision making) and social responsibility (e.g., interpersonal skills such as respect, self-control, conflict resolution, and caring) behaviors. The study provided preliminary support for the contextual utility of engendering these developmental outcomes in an environment where youth are facing a major health threat (i.e., HIV/AIDS) and community challenges (e.g., gender-based violence, poverty). Continued investment in long-term sport for development programming in Eswatini is warranted.”

Scott Sloan