What makes us different?


1) Our programs are responsive

We listen to our participants and do not prescribe solutions. We do this through participatory monitoring and evaluation and person-centered counselling, with the understanding that our clients know what's best but need a safe space and a caring adult who is qualified to facilitate this process. During our programs we ask our beneficiaries what they want to learn next and at the end of each SOHK session beneficiaries rate our and their own participation to encourage self evaluation and adaption.

2) Sport for good

Rugby is inclusive because It’s open to all age groups, it’s fun and it' takes all sizes of people, big, small, short and tall - there’s a position for everyone which makes it an amazing sport for newcomers.

Sports also acts as a laboratory for testing feelings. We provide a safe and fun place to demonstrate, fail and improve on sport and life skills and show job acquiring behaviours such as displaying discipline and reliability.

3) a holistic approach

Many youth development organisations offer just one service, we offer three bundled into one amazing program: psycho-social support, life skills coaching, and career planning.